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New Risk Control Communiqué available on carbon monoxide hazards for schools

Floor buffer use and carbon monoxide(March 16, 2012) A new Risk Control Communiqué on Floor Buffers in Schools and Carbon Monoxide Hazards has been released by Glatfelter Public Practice. The use of propane powered floor buffers by custodial staff in schools presents the potential for a build-up of carbon monoxide. Fatalities have been reported in custodial and janitorial staff who were operating propane powered floor buffers indoors. It is important to recognize the potential dangers when using floor buffers regularly throughout classrooms and hallways because the operating equipment may present a possible carbon monoxide exposure that could be harmful to employees, students and the public that use school facilities. This communiqué offers suggestions how to reduce and / or control carbon monoxide in schools.

Learn more information in the Floor Buffers in Schools and Carbon Monoxide Hazards Communiqué.



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