public entities insurance

What Our Brokers Are Saying

“It’s a very stable and a verifiable market that the customers like, it’s not like all over bouncing around and one week you have this coverage and the next week you have the next coverage. So it’s a nice stable facility that’s very well operated.”

Charles Hix, Vice President
F&W Insurance
“The underwriting staff is beyond any of the other companies that we represent, so when we have a question that comes into one of our schools, we know we are going to have an answer the same day or possibly the following day and that is really the number one reason ... the responsiveness of their underwriting team."

Tim Moss, Account Executive
HUB International
“The folks we deal with spend their day and allocate all of their time in working in a targeted environment and targeted area so we know them to be subject matter experts. They come to the dance very committed and very focused and that leads to a higher degree of confidence."

John Hamer, Principal
The Horton Group
"Glatfelter, be it public entity, [or] water, they’ve developed a number of significant coverage improvements that make it easier to sell or can really be a differentiator along with what value the agent makes."

Brian Murphy, Vice President
HUB International
"They’re knowledgeable. They know what they’re doing. And that’s major. Because I’ve dealt with carriers where you have an underwriter that really didn’t know the segment … Glatfelter is dedicated to this class of business and therefore they have people that know what they are doing. So it helps a lot when you are dealing with an underwriter or claims person or marketing person who knows and understands the segment you’re dealing with."

Travis Shamel, Vice President
Public Entities of America