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General Risks

general public entity risks

Get useful tips and tools for evaluating and limiting your organization’s liability.

Risk Control Resources

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Automated External Defibrillators in the Workplace 09/07/2016
Bike Lanes 03/09/2017
Certificates of Insurance for Municipalities 09/01/2016
Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning (training CD) 08/29/2016
Dog Park Rules and Safety Tips 08/26/2016
Facility Use and Indemnification Agreement Sample 08/23/2016
Fire Safety, an educational coloring book 08/19/2016
Fireworks Displays 08/17/2016
Incident Review 08/15/2016
Inflatable Amusement Rides 08/12/2016
Investigating and Reporting Significant Occurrences 08/10/2016
Liquor Liability 08/08/2016
Play it Safe, an EMS coloring book 08/02/2016
Sewer Back-up Customer Notice 07/20/2016
Sewer Back-up Prevention 06/20/2016
Stairway and Ladder Safety 05/20/2016
Utility Meter Access Customer Service Notice 04/20/2016
Water Supply Resumption: Tips for Protecting Your Property When Water Is Turned Back On 03/20/2016
Zoning Issues for Municipalities 02/19/2016
Summary of Small Unmanned Aircraft Rule 12/21/2016
Managing Contracts 07/27/2018
Social Media: Creating Powerful Social Communications 09/10/2018
Field Trip Tips: Leadership and Planning 10/30/2018
15-Passenger Van Safety Tips 10/30/2018
Crisis Planning 10/29/2019
U.S. State Resources about PFAS 02/07/2020
Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) – EPA’s Home Page 02/07/2020
Drinking Water Treatability Database 02/07/2020
Drones: UAS Operation Suggestions 07/28/2020
Drones: UAS Program Development & Implementation 07/28/2020
Is Your Website ADA Compliant 07/28/2020