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Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officer's jobs are becoming increasingly complex As a law enforcement officer you wear many hats in protecting the community you serve. It is critical that you have the right education, training and resources available to you to take the stress out of protecting and serving citizens.

Roll Call Reminders

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Distracted Driving by Police Officers 07/24/2018
Drowsy Driving 07/24/2018
Following Distance 07/24/2018
Navigating Intersections 07/24/2018
Pre and Post Operational Squad Car Checks 07/24/2018
Pursuit Driving 07/24/2018
Safe Backing Practices 07/24/2018
Scanning the Road 07/24/2018
Spatial Awareness 07/24/2018
Speeding 07/24/2018
Law Enforcement Training 08/29/2018
Use of Force 08/29/2018
Body Worn Cameras 08/29/2018
Reducing Implicit Bias within the Police Force 08/29/2018
Narcan: Should law enforcement officers carry Narcan for opioid overdoses 08/29/2018
Police Ride-Along Sample Policy 08/29/2018