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Glatfelter Learning Center: Online Training

Learn. Track. Train.

We are pleased to offer online training via our new Glatfelter Learning Center.

Available to clients and their employees 24/7/365, our new learning center allows users to train at any time, at any pace and at any internet-connected place.

Easy to use and manage, Glatfelter Learning Center is filled with hundreds of valuable online courses, tools and resources.

Management Tools

Assignment Feature

Assign specific policies, courses and/or documents to users with a deadline or  timeline option. Employees can visit their individual page and see course assignments specific to their job or tasks.

Policy Management Tool

Upload your policies, visible only to your employees. Users read, learn and agree to your policies; admins track, verify and pull reports.

Resource Management Tool

Users access to safety manuals, alerts, forms, checklists, video clips, webinars, newsletters and much more.

Administrative Dashboard

Admins may track individual employee assignments via an administrative dashboard or view a group of employees to see how they’re progressing toward a goal or deadline.


Printing Certificates of Completion is easy! Certificates automatically appear after each course is completed. No need to navigate to another page.

"Ask the Expert" Function

Type in a safety, training or other related question and send it directly to Glatfelter without ever leaving the learning center.

Hundreds of Online Courses Available

Glatfelter Learning Center is filled with hundreds of engaging online courses in health and safety, employment liability, human capital, driving safety, cyber security and more. Courses are organized into WorkPlace Colleges that match today’s public employees.

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