public entities insurance

Glatfelter Pillars of Support

Our relationships with agents, brokers and public entities are founded on four pillars of professional support.

Risk Control Services

Our risk control services are provided by professionals who are knowledgeable about risk control issues specific to public entities. We provide realistic, professional solutions for the reduction or elimination of hazards and loss-producing conditions.

Visit Safety Central for beneficial risk resources.

training services

Training & Consulting Services

We’re committed to being a consistent source of educational services for public entities. That’s why we provide access to training that mitigates risks and information that helps public entity officials make better decisions.

Visit or Safety Central for more. 


specialty insurance coverages

Specialized Coverage

We understand the risk and operational trends of public entities and have designed coverage to specifically meet these needs.
Learn more about our insurance programs for Water Entities, Municipalities, Educational Institutions and Independent School Bus Contractors.

public entity claims

Claims & Policy Administration

We strive for friendly and professional policy administration, as well as quick and accurate claims handling.
Learn more about our Claims process.