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Risk Control Training Videos

Let's Talk: Preventing Child Abuse in Your Organization

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Allegations of child sexual abuse can be devastating to any organization, their staff, volunteers and community. In this 22-minute training video, we take an honest look at child sexual abuse in a variety of settings that provides services to children and teenagers, such as schools, camps, firehouses, parks and recreation programs and faith-based organizations.

Drive Safe

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It is easy to become distracted while driving. Motor vehicle-related incidents are the leading cause of work-related fatalities in the U.S. The most common types of vehicle accidents experienced by Glatfelter clients involve backing up, turning at an intersection and leaving the roadway. The 11-minute “Drive Safe” training video addresses what can be done to drive more safely, how to minimize the likelihood an accident will occur, how to stay focused and what signs to look for that may interfere with your ability to drive.

Blueprint for Safety: Preventing Slips and Falls on School Property

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This 17-minute video is recorded onsite at a local public school. During the video, you will view enactments of real-life slip and fall scenarios in six specific areas of the school including:Entrance; Cafeteria; Hallways and steps; Classrooms; Playgrounds, athletic fields and gymnasiums; and Exterior school grounds.

School district administrators and principals can use this DVD to educate their staff during in-service training programs.

The Respectful Workplace - Manager Training

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Every organization has a responsibility to protect their employees from harassment and to create a respectful work environment. This 19-minute training educates leadership about workplace harassment, discrimination and retaliation, and the role leadership shares in creating and maintaining a respectful workplace. Order this video here.

The Respectful Workplace - Employee Training

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All individuals have the right to fair and equal employment opportunities, which includes a harassment-free work environment. This 20-minute training educates frontline workers about workplace harassment and the role they share in maintaining a respectful workplace. Order this video here.